Thomas R. Dye is the son of James C. "Jeff" Dye and Marguerite (Dwan) Dye. He is married to Joann Grace (Wohleber) Dye; they have two grown children: Roy Thomas Dye, of Boynton Beach, Florida, and Cheryl Price Dye of West Palm Beach, Florida. Tom and Joann have four grandchildren, Holly Price Dye, Kyle Sanders, Darby Sanders, and Luke Sanders. His undergraduate studies were funded by an Armstrong Cork Company Scholarship, and his graduate studies were funded by a Samuel S. Fels Fellowship. 

Tom served as an intelligence officer U.S. Air Force, Strategic Air Command Headquarters, Offut AFB, 1962-63, and remains a member of the Association of Retired Intelligence Officers and the Air Force Association, and a consultant to the Center for Study of Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency. He is a frequent consultant to state, local, and federal government agencies, private foundations, policy-planning organizations ("think tanks"), law firms, and other organizations in the public sector. 

His work has taken him to the Peoples Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Eastern and Western Europe. Mexico and the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Spain. He speaks fluent Spanish. His principle recreational activity is age-category competitive road running and masters track. Joann is a former public education television teacher and the author of primary grade textbooks.


Thomas R. Dye
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