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Understanding Public Policy - 15th Edition
This book is designed to provide students with concrete tools for not only understanding public policy in general, but for analyzing specific public policies, this widely-adopted introduction to the field focuses on what policies governments pursue, why governments pursue the policies they do, and what the consequences of these policies are. Very contemporary in perspective, it introduces nine analytical models currently used by political scientists to describe and explain political life and then, using these various analytical models — singly and in combination, explores specific public policies in a variety of key domestic policy areas.  Learn More >>

Politics in States and Communities - 15th Edition
This best selling text explores political conflict in American states and communities. It compares the public policy and government management strategies of state and local governments—with a focus on the sources and nature of conflict. The book's coverage demonstrates—using a clear, accessible approach—how American states and communities play an important role in the political life of the nation.  Learn More >>

Politics In America - 11th Edition
Politics is an activity by which people try to get more of whatever there is to get. It is not about the pursuit of liberty as much as it is about the struggle over the allocation of values in society. Simply put, it is about "who gets what, when, and how." 

By using Lasswell's classic definition of politics as the unifying framework, Politics in America, Tenth Edition, strives to present a clear, concise, and stimulating introduction to the American political system. Without the conflicts that arise from disagreement over who should get what, when, and how, our government would not reflect the diverse concerns of the nation. Politics consists of all of the activities - reasonable discussion, impassioned oratory, campaigning, balloting, fund raising, advertising, lobbying, demonstrating, rioting, street fighting, and waging war - by which conflict is carried on. Managing conflict is the principle function of the political and power is the ultimate goal. 

By examining the struggle for power - the participants, the stakes, the processes, and the institutional arenas - Politics in America, Eighth Edition, introduces students to the politics that is the basis for our democracy.  Learn More >>

Who's Running America, The Obama Reign
Arguing that the power in America is concentrated in large institutions—this book studies the people at the top of these institutions—who they are, how much power they wield, and how they came to power. A best-seller in leadership courses and introduction to political science, Tom Dye has chronicled the national leadership since the Nixon-Ford years, each edition featuring the current president and his staff. The eighth edition focuses on the first Obama administration. The commentary is supported by years of data analysis involving more than 7000 institutional elites, which includes governmental and corporate leaders. Learn More >>

Top Down Policymaking
In this brief, eye-opening work, Dye explodes the myth that public policy represents the "demands of people," and that the making of public policy flows upward from the masses. In reality, Dye argues, public policy in America, as in all nations, reflects the values, interests, and preferences of the governing elite. Policymaking: From the Top Down is a close examination of the process by which the nation’s elite goes about the task of making public policy. Focusing on the behind-the-scenes activities of money foundations, policy planning organizations, think tanks, political campaign contributors, special-interest groups, lobbyists, law firms, influence-peddlers, and the national news media, Dye concludes that public policy does not represent the “demands of people”; however successfully this myth may be defended by scholars and politicians, the reality is that public policy is made from the top down.  Learn More >>

The Irony of Democracy - 17th Edition
After 35 years in print, The Irony of Democracy still offers the most fresh, clear-sighted approach to American government of any text. In this edition, the authors again present an unrepentant elitist approach to American democracy, contending that it is the elites, not the masses, that govern our country. This text is appropriate for the introductory American government course taught in political science departments. Learn More >> 


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